The Fitness Zone

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304 Hwy 90 E Unit C2
Little River, SC 29566
(846) 663-3900
(843) 663-3940 (fax)
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    The Fitness Zone is an extension of the Human Performance and Wellness Center and is a fully functional fitness facility owned and operated by Dr. David Laif Haught. Our vision is to provide a medical fitness facility in which you can join as a member or come by as a visitor.

    Our facility is divided into 3 different zones: the fitness/cardiovascular zone, the free-weight/hardcore zone, and the aerobic/classroom zone. In the Fitness/Cardiovascular zone we offer treadmills, recumbent bikes, stationary bikes, elliptical cross trainers, stair masters and rowers. As far as weight lifting equipment we offer a complete circuit of Quantum resistance machines, plate loaded Nautilus X-plode equipment, Body Solid and Strive equipment. We have listed just a few, there are just too many others to mention, so we invite you to visit our facility and check it out for yourself.

    In the Free-Weight Zone the complete floor is covered with high density rubber so that there is no problem with performing dead lifts, power cleans or powerlifting style lifts. Our clients also have access to the power/squat rack, weighted sled, kettlebells, Bulgarian bag, dead lift/shrug machine, squat machine, Olympic weights and rubberized dumbbells that range from 5 lbs.-100lbs. For those of you who enjoy high intensity, hybrid style training we offer tires that range from 100lbs.-1000lbs., sledge hammers (8 lbs., 16lbs.), weighted sled, battling ropes (1.5”, 2”) and numerous medicine balls. See a tour of our facilities!