Help Stop the Elimination of the J-1 Student Worker Program

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September 13, 2017
Important update on the Summer Work Travel (SWT) program and an urgent request for your immediate action. According to multiple sources,including this Wall Street Journal article, we now know that the Administration is planning to eliminate the J-1 SWT program, in addition to the J-1 Intern, Trainee, Camp Counselor and Au Pair programs.  This action may be taken as soon as early September. We believe this to be a grave mistake--elimination of these programs will have a devastating impact on all of our businesses and the communities that we serve.
We are working aggressively to prevent these programs from being eliminated. But we need your help. Employers are our strongest voices in this fight. Sharing your story, your experience with this program, and your struggles in SC to fill these seasonal jobs with American workers is critical.
This is what we ask:
  • Call your Senators and Representative and ask them to contact the White House and stop the emasculation of this program.  Please call and do not just send an email. A call is immediately registered and therefore, more impactful. Find contact information for your SC Legislative Delegation here and make the easy but incredibly important calls and get an effective message across. Once you've made calls, alert a colleague to how easy it was and encourage them to do the same.
  • Visit your Senators' and House Representatives' local offices for an in-person meeting. If you can't get a meeting scheduled, just show up! You can find these addresses by clicking here and entering your address.
  • Have your CEO or other senior leaders call their contacts at the White House, the Department of State, or Congress using the talking points.  If they do not have personal contacts, have them call these numbers:
    • White House, Office of Public Liaison: (202) 456-6493
    • State Department, Office of Secretary Tillerson: (202) 647-7234
This devastating decision could be made in the coming weeks, so we must act now. Our goal is to try to cluster all of these calls into a tight time frame for maximum impact. 
Should you have any questions or would like to talk through this in more detail please let us know.  We are ready to assist and thank you for your continued support in J-1 Summer Work Travel advocacy efforts.
Thank you for your continued partnership and dedication to the program. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.
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